Maximum Squares/Level

Live Levels

Level 1
10'000 Square Faces 100%

Weapon Attribution Ratio

A.I Algorithm Ratio

Theoretical projection of the maximum units per level, considering the entire collection, 10’000 square faces has participated in The Arena. We are aware that all the NFT owners won’t participate, however it displays the maximum capacity per level reachable.

No! A level 1 can easily defeat a level 6, if he got a better weapon or if he’s touched with Luck!

It can also be helped by The Bad Luck if set upon its opponent.

Our meta is done so everyone got chances, even with a low weapon power, you can be lucky and defeat a more powerful opponent.

In this game, you have to know when to stop leveling according to your square face traits.

If you enrolled during the week. Your NFT is expected to be fighting on the upcoming Saturday.

Once The Season is over, the Levels MetaDatas are updated in consequence.

You can refresh your MetaDatas in your wallet to download the very last Level Update.

As 50% of the square faces level-up and 50% get their actual level frosted in each Seson, it will be a maximum (ever) of 5’000 Level-2 Square Faces units and there will only be 19 Level-10 Square Faces emerging in the entire collection. Their values are high and adjusted in consequence of this rarity Levelling is the consequence of having defeated another square, absorbed its value.

Feel free to interact with the different levels to learn about their theoretical maximum units set by each level.

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